A sunny spring ride was enjoyed by all!


Waiting patiently at Snelsmore Common for everyone to arrive from the first part of the ride for tea and cake at Marlborough, the sun shone as I stood in the warm Spring air waiting to take pictures of everyone’s arrival and casting admiring glances over to  my own fine steed (a VFR800 VTEC) as she glistened in the sun’s rays.
With a roar of engines everyone arrived, dismounted bikes, stretched legs and, after much chatter and laughter about the ride so far and the ‘green lane’ excursions, we were all off again, with Mark our leader at the helm.  Down through sun dappled roads with the blue bell woods on either side we rode, round delightfully twisty bends taking advantage of the dry road surfaces to have lots of fun! Round we went and then up and over the rolling downs where we could see for miles over the sun drenched meadows of bright yellow, brown and green.  Into the quaint town of Wantage and a sharp right at the double roundabout before heading towards Steventon and the A34 to blat down to the Abingdon turn off and our final destination of the Abingdon Honda open day.
What a delightful way to spend an afternoon in perfect biking weather when we were able to enjoy our various steeds and their abilities.  Thanks to our leader Mark for an excellent day.