Christmas ‘Jolly Jumper and Silly Sweater’ Get Together!

On a dark, dreary and very wet night, the evening was lit up with fun and games during the Oxford HOC Festive Meal and Get Together at the new venue, The Jolly Boatman at Thrupp, just outside Kidlington.
The evening commenced with a sumptuous three course meal with choices of delicious soup, smoked salmon and other starters and then onto the main course of nut roast, steak or a wonderful traditional Christmas meal, followed by the most amazingly indulgent puddings! And what generous helpings!   Then, topped off with coffees,  the fun and games began. 
Firstly – a Secret Santa with lots of intriguing prizes which ranged from TT racing videos to candles to chocolates and gimmicky gizmos!  Then the range of silly sweaters and jolly jumpers where judged – what an array!  However, the winning ‘flashing’ Christmas tree display worn by Andy got the most votes and Andy walked away with the bottle of wine. Then onto the chuckles with all the jokes – some bike related, some not, mostly clean and some a little risque! Again votes were taken (some votes being given to a person who wasn’t even there!) and the winner was announced – it was Jim who had (in full character) relayed an entertaining tale of what made the same sound as a Honda (say no more!)  Again wine was presented!
Even the weather had cheered up as everyone wended their way home, vowing that they would not need any further food for ages!  (Hmmmm wonder who still managed breakfast Sunday morning!)
The evening definitely got us in the mood for our Festive Quiz and then our New Year’s day indulgences!