Fun and antics with Aunt Sally!



After a cloudy day weather wise, the evening drew in very
quickly but it didn’t stop the happy Oxford Hoc’ers and two loyal members from the
Wiltshire Branch trotting into the garden at The Vine for the annual Aunt Sally

Everyone agreed that the newly painted white ‘dolly’ was a
great aid in the dimming light and, after a few (slightly dangerous!)
practices, Mark organised four teams of four and battle commenced. 

Much barracking and mickey taking then ensued, as sandwiches
and chips were munched (torches had to be used to identify the fillings and
favours!)  but a close match was played 
with Oxford’s 4 Paul’s and Stumpy’s

tying for first place and having a sudden death play off to decide the winner.

 With the Stumpy’s victorious the trophy, medals and prizes
were awarded, congratulations given, pictures taken and everyone wended their
way home acknowledging how difficult this traditional Oxford game really is!