Fun and frolicks at the Oxford Rally!

Hi all,

As a group we organise a local rally weekend every year.
This year we were at the Gate Hangs High at Hook Norton. We had a camping field
for all  of us that are hardy folk and up
for a laugh but we also had lovely bed and breakfast rooms for those that
“don’t do camping”.

We arrived on the Friday afternoon. The weather was good and
we all pitched in together to get the tents up. Some of us had a few more
luxuries than others, you might have seen the pictures with the big air bed.
That was mine and very cosy it was. It was lovely to catch up with people from
other Honda clubs from around the county. Tea and coffee was flowing in the
hospitality tent but some were on the beers as the bar was open. Later that day
we all went for dinner in the pub which served up excellent food and afterwards
we had great fun having a go at Ted’s quiz. 
We had a winner and a looser and loads of banter to go with it. A good
time was had by all and then it was off to our beds.

On the Saturday it’s traditional for us all to go on a ride
out. Pete organised the route this year. We went on a tour of the Cotswolds
exploring some great roads and we stopped for lunch at this really quaint
little railway station where you just step back in time. While having lunch a
couple of steam trains and an old diesel came through the station. And I don’t
know what it is but the fellas went mad with the cameras every time one came
in. Someone told me it was the engineering that they drooled over but I think
they just reverted back into little boys. Later after more riding around and
splashing through the Ford we arrive back to camp for tea and cake, especially
made for the event by our own Erica. And they didn’t last long.

On Saturday evening we usually arrange entertainment and
this year we had a singer – guitarist who was really good. It actually became a
family affair with his daughter turning up and giving us a few songs too. Again
we had excellent food at the pub and a good night was had by all. I think we
even had some dancing going on too. I don’t think anyone got to bed very early
that night.

Sunday morning. Nearly time to go home
but we still had one event to go, The Best Bike Competition. I saw them all
giving their bikes some TLC, buffing up the shiny bits, making sure they looked
good. The event was organised by Dave and he rallied in 4 other judges to help
him. Ooh it was so close. Lots of debating between the judges. Lots of
revisiting bikes. I thought there might have been a war but no we had a winner
by ONE point. So all sorted until next year.

As it happened this year our rally finished on the same day
as the Honda Sunday roast day so even more bikers turned up to enjoy the food
at the pub.

Why not join us next year. We guarantee you a warm welcome
and a great time and lots of laughs.

Mary-Anne Gilmer