HOC Oxford enjoy gliding at Weston on the Green!


At the third attempt seven of the Oxford HOC members  turned up at Oxford Gliding Club on a beautiful hot sunny evening to find all the gliders out and ready for us.

Vince was head of the queue and as he desired to do a loop, went up in the two seater DG505 – a fibreglass slippery glider with extended winglets – and not only did a loop but a half turn loop  (a far worse feeling)!

Gavin and his two children also came along and all went up and enjoyed their flights.

Colin then went up in a K13 (wooden glider) with instructor Andy and did rather well on the controls with Andy complimenting him on his co-ordinated turns (better than some club members!).

Colin’s wife Sue was persuaded to have a go and she went in the DG505 but just took in the view although thoroughly enjoyed her experience.

 I then went in the K13 and told Andy I hadn’t flown for two years so he said I could do the launch, flying and landing – which, like riding a bike, I did OK and arrived back at the launch point without issues!

Vince up again in the DG505 and I did a hanger flight in the DG but did not do the launch or landing – which was a fast ground bumpy run to enable the glider to finish up near the hangar.

A great evening was enjoyed by all.


Chris Tristram