HOC Oxford were invited to the BP Castrol Technology Centre in Pangborne by David Taylor, their Customer Relations Office.

What an evening!  It commenced with tea,coffee and a delicious finger buffet before the evening started and then Andy Griffin, their Technical Specialist, explained what goes into the oil we use in our vehicles.  A Q&A was then held and Andy was not stumped by any of the questions asked.  With the presentation over the group were shown around the Engine Testing Laboratory where various engines were being tested, ranging form small bikes to truck engines.

Former bike racer, Glen Roberts, explained some of the finer points of the depth of testing which they carry out and then it was back to the main conference room for another Q&A session 

An excellent evening which clearly highlighted the huge amount of research and work which goes into the Castrol range of lubricants – well worth a visit which lasted from 5.30pm to 11.30pm without a moment of boredom!


Dave Turner