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Tuesday 7th Nov 2017

(26 members present)


1. Apologies for absence:-

Jim and Sue Gettings/Keith and Sandra Pooley/

2. Matters arising from the Minutes:-

Last year’s minutes were proposed by Chris Smith, seconded by Pete Johnston and passed unanimously.

3. Chairman’s report:-

Welcome to you all to this year’s AGM. I could probably reiterate last years’ report verbatim as this past year has been as good as last!

Again, the National Rally was well attended, and again we won the Highest Branch Attendance Award.  Although it was not recognised at this year’s National AGM!?!

Unfortunately our rally at The Gate Hangs High was not so well attended this year due to bad weather. But those who did come enjoyed themselves and had a good weekend.

We’ve had plenty of events to keep us entertained to match last year, or even exceed, with well attended runs and holidays etc.

Some members have helped out at HOC shows at Peterborough and Brackley, either manning them or showing off their bikes.

Nearly all the monthly ride outs have shown many members turning out with different members volunteering to lead them. We’ve started to see some new faces attending these, and I hope they’ve enjoyed it.

I would like to encourage you, our members, to attend and participate in other branch rallies and runs. You will always be made welcome. Also, you could enter the Saddle Sore Shield competition – which I won this year!

Finally, I would like to thank all those on the committee for their dedication and hard work and all of our members for making this branch what it is – one of the best in the club – if not THE best!

4. Treasurer’s report:-

Our balance for the year is lower by £103.70.  Leaving the Club with £655.76, which is still a healthy balance. In the last 10 years our lowest balance was £372 and our highest has been £765.00.

Unfortunately we made a loss of £41.00 at our Oxford Rally which was pretty good as our attendance was lower than the previous year.  This might have been due to changing the dates this year but hopefully we will rally back next year.  Also we have donated £70 to Ted’s Cancer Charity this year which we all agreed was to a good cause.  Whereas we didn’t give anything to charity in the previous year.  We also had a bit of a splurge last Christmas spending £195.00 supplying the wine at the Xmas dinner.

But we wouldn’t be able to do this without our Raffle King Dave.  His raffles added around £225.00 to our club funds.  So he deserves a big round of applause from us all.

So all in all not a bad year.  But if anyone has any ideas regarding club funds, either with purchases for the club or any fund raising ideas please feel free to talk to us

5. Secretary’s report:-

The Secretary thanked the club members for their excellent support during the year – and said the club wouldn’t be successful without them.  Everyone’s help at the Peterborough and Brackly shows were very much appreciated – both had been an excellent success.

Lots of speakers had been organised and fun events – and another year was approaching fast.   Input would be sought at the meeting after next to ensure that speakers, meetings and events were arranged which the members would find of interest. 

The rally for 2018 had once again been booked once again at The Gate Hangs High – 20th-22nd of July and thanks were given for the support given in the organisation of this.

6. Webmaster’s report:-

Elaine Moody had been monitoring the web site during the year and it still proved to be the Branch’s best promotional tool, receiving some 96 clicks in a month with the events and photo pages being the most popular.

7. Ride out co-ordinator’s report:-

Ted was unable to attend the meeting but most sincerely thanked all those who had volunteered to lead and ‘tail end’ the ride outs during the year.  The rides outs had been excellent and generally very well supported.   The Poker Run had been excellent fun, the proceeds being donated to the Moto Neuron Disease charity. 

Ted wanted to run a similar system for the ride outs in 2018, just changing it to the third Sunday in the month.

Occasional Saturday runs and evening ride outs were suggested from the floor.

8. Election of officers:-

The existing Committee were prepared to re stand and their election was proposed by Keith Holloway and seconded by Dave Turner – passed unanimously. (i.e. Chair – Mark Clargo, Secretary – Erica Gassor, Treasurer – Mary-Anne Gilmer, Ride Out Co-Ordinator – Ted German, Raffle Organiser – Dave Andrews)

9. Any other business:-

There was no other busines

The meeting closed at 9pm