Oxford Steaming Ahead!

Our March ride out took place on St Patricks Day and led for the first time by our erstwhile hard working secretary Erica, our very own bundle of energy. She provided a ride out that was really Steaming, she had organised a bright sunny if somewhat chilly day as we were all moaning about our cold hands at the start, wimps that we are.
After Erica had coerced our ultra reliable Terry to be tail ender off we set.

We headed out to Wantage, and then up over the Downs which always provide wide sweeping bends to enjoy, I’m sure there is nothing better in motorcycling than approaching one of these bend, throwing down a couple of gears on the approach and opening the throttle hard at the apex “heaven”.

On to Hungerford for a drink stop at the Garden Centre and this being an Erica led ride of course she supplied us with cake, fruit and lemon drizzle with some slices as big as a family sized cake, but of course we duly scoffed them down.

After this break a pleasing ride through quaint villages with time to enjoy country roads and views. This led us to our destination for the day, if you noticed at the start I said “she gave us a steaming ride” well we were at the Great Western Railway museum in Swindon. Several of our large turn out (20+ bikes) went in and enjoyed spending time in this “well worth a visit” museum. 

All in all what all ride outs should contain fun roads, interesting stops and refreshments and most of all great friends to enjoy it all with. Thanks Erica.

Colin Webb