Putting words together……………

After Sunday’s ride I got to think about writing a report which in turn made me think about “Putting words together”. A few words put alongside each other can conjure up pictures and emotions so for a change here are some that I hope will mean something to us “The Oxford Honda Owner’s Club.
Firstly “Monthly ride out” can I go? Yes, great something to look forward too on Sunday.
Teds leading this one” great we know we are in safe hands, Ted having been our valued ride out Co-ordinator for the last few years and what a great job he has done for us all, many thanks Ted.
Meet at the H Cafe” thoughts of a breakfast treat or drink to set us on our way plus loads of other bikers to converse with.
We’re  going to Nuffield place” where’s that Ted “About 8mins away” but we’re on our bikes and not in our cars so we know it’s going to take a lot longer than that, as Ted leads us on a route that includes A, B and wide roads with bends aplenty some fast and some slow plus interesting things to look at from views to small villages.
“Drop off system” we all know what that means no one should get lost and no one did.
“Always at least one problem” just a minor one on this ride, Ted led us into  a lovely gravelled parking area which seemed to be for our sole use but did look a bit like parking for the local houses plus had a “no parking” sign. We park up get our helmets off and then decide this actually isn’t for us and we had better move on a bit sharpish a few more yards further on to the proper car/bike park. 
Ride Destination” Nuffield Place the home of Lord Nuffield, the boss of Morris Motors and his wife, left in much the same condition as when they lived there. A very pleasant couple of hours spent looking around – good choice. 
Fellow HOC members” having friends like we all are in our club really does make life a pleasure. 
Finally I have left the most emotionally distinct words to last, excited, can’t wait, fantastic, but what about my diet, I can’t no more, absolutely wonderful. What you may ask is this phrase well here it is after the ride on to