Resume of the HOC Oxford AGM Minutes – 1st November 2016


Chairman’s report:-

I’ll try to
keep this report short – as those who attended the National AGM will know,
these things can get very strung out and boring!!  Firstly, can I congratulate us branch members
who went to the National Rally this years, as we won the Highest Branch
Attendance Award. I’m sure you would all agree that this year’s rally rates as
one of the best so far, as everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. Next year it
will be held in North Wales, so I hope a lot of you will make the trek up to

Our Rally at The Gate Hangs High was also well attended this year and a good time was had by
all. The large marquee (once we worked out how to erect it) helped in keeping
up a community spirit. For next year I have managed to acquire a 5 litre water
heater/dispenser, so we won’t need to keep so many kettles on the boil.

 We’ve had plenty of events to keep us entertained. Ted’s Poke Run was again well
received, even though we lost someone before the first leg – and I had to abort
after lunch as my engine threatened to fall out of the frame.

 There was the Test Rides and Open Day at Blades Abingdon. I must say the burger chef was
excellent!  We’ve also had diverse events
as well in karting, tea & scones and island hopping to the Isle of Wight.

 Some members have helped out at HOC shows at Peterborough and Brackley, either manning them
or showing of their bikes. This was much appreciated by Head Office.

 Nearly all the monthly ride outs have shown many members turning out. We’ve started to see
some new faces attending these, and I hope they’ve enjoyed it, plus starting a
new trend.

 Finally, Iwould like to thank all those on the committee for their dedication and hard
work and all of our members for making this branch what it is – one of the best
in the club – if not THE best


Treasurer’s report:-

As you can see from the Financial Report, we have had a good year (see below).  The Oxford Rally this year didn’t cost the
club and we actually made a small profit of £38!

 Our expenditure has been very low and thanks to Dave, our Raffle King, our income
has been boosted by £256.70.  Dave
deserves our thanks for his hard work over the year and so do all the members
for supporting the raffle

 We have not supported a charity this year as we decided to give our own club funds
a boost, which we have, perhaps this is something we can consider next
year.  With fantastic support from our
members we have not been able to ask for funds from the National HOC – let’s
keep it up!  Looking forward to next

 Balance at AGM 2015   £458.58
Bank + Petty Cash £29.28 = £487.86

Income 2015/2016:

 Clubnight raffle/sandwiches £256.70

Oxford Rally                       £486.00

Less Expenditure 2015/2016:

 Rally Entertainer £200/Camping charge £248


Abingdon Honda Test Ride Day  £23.10

Balance at AGM 2016             £626.58
Bank + Petty Cash £132.88 = £759.46


Secretary’s report:-

The Secretary thanked the members for their brilliant ongoing support with all the
events and activities during the year and asked that any specific requests be
given to her so these could be included in plans.  A draft schedule of meetings and activities
planned for 2017 was issued to the meeting.
This was not ‘cast in stone’ and would be added to as the year goes on.  These events would be added to the web site
with full info as available.  Erica
thanked everyone for their input and looked forward to another year of fun and

Webmaster’s report:-

Alan reported that the site was secure and there had been no serious
attempts at hacking into it. A vote of thanks was given to Alan for all his
hard work and support during the year, ensuring that the site was running
efficiently and effectively.  Statistics and comments showed that the web site was one of the Branches most effective
marketing tools.  Due to a planned move to France Alan was retiring from the position of Webmaster and Elaine Heckford
had been proposed to take on this position.

Ride out co-ordinator’s report:-

Ted thanked everyone for leading the rides during the year and it was agreed that
the process of a different person leading a ride each month had worked well,
with good turn outs to each event.  A variety of destinations had been visited with some excellent weather enjoyed.  The Poker run had been a great success, as had the Four Counties Ride.   Ted was
remaining as Ride out Co-Ordinator and would be looking to allocate rides on a
similar basis in 2017.  Another Poker Run was planned for the Spring also, with improving health, Ted hoped to lead
mid-week rider outs to some of the Wednesday night Bike meets.  Rides were advised via email, Face Book and
text so that no one would miss out.

 Election of officers:-

With the exception of Webmaster, the existing Committee re stood for election.  Elaine Heckford was the only nomination for Webmaster.     With these amendments, theCommittee was proposed for election by Jim Gettings and seconded by Andy Hale. Passed

 Any other business:-

(a)Elaine thanked the members for their support of the Dilligaf racing team.

 The meeting closed at 9.20pm


Erica Gassor