The HOC Oxford AGM with election of Committee


of the


Tuesday 3rd Nov 2015

                                                                                      (28 members present  inc Committee Members)

Mark Clargo, Chairman –  another year as Chairman for one of the best branches in the HOC.  As a
branch we have represented the club in many worthwhile ways.  Ted’s Poker Run is attended by
many other branch members’, we always have some sort of participation at other
branches rallies as well as holding our own at the Gate Hangs High, Hook
Norton, which was a success this year. Phil Naylor and Pete Johnson won awards
at the HOC Classic Show at Brixworth – congratulation boys.  And there have been many other HOC events
throughout the year.  We nearly came top of the branch attendance at the National Rally this year. We only needed about four more members, so let’s try to get that trophy next year at Poole.

Some of us volunteered to help erect and man the HOC marquee at the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling which
turned out to be a very busy day. And all the hard work was much appreciated by the management and our visitors to the stand.

Dave Andrews won the Saddle Sore Shield this year – well done Dave, and Gerald came second in the pillion
competition. Steve Davenport (SSS Organiser) and the HOC committee are working on a new format for next year which, hopefully, will encourage more members to enter the competition. Someone needs to give Dave a run for his money. I’ll be one next year!!

Mary-Anne Gilmer – Treasurer, reported that finances were positive with a healthy balance but showed a slight drop from last year and, although the Branch was not a profit making organisation, this reduction would be monitored during the coming year and steps taken to ensure it did not continue into 2017.  The cost of the camping and the entertainment at the rally being the cause of the reduction.  Dave was thanked for his hard work in doing a raffle at the meetings which was a source of income for the Branch.

Alan DeVerteuil – Webmaster, reported that it had been a good year with the site receiving many visits and no successful or serious attacks from hackers. The steps taken during the year had worked.

Ride outs – Clive and Ann could not be at the meeting but a brief overview of the ride out’s and events were included.  There hadbeen an and excellent Hot Cross Bun Run in April, a delightful but soggy Fish and Chip run, rides to the Isle of Wight to see Roger and Jill, Bank Holiday ride outs and ad hoc events organised as the year progressed.  Thanks were expressed to Clive and Ann for taking the task on amidst their own busy schedule.

Withthe exception of Ride-out Co-ordinator the existing Committee re-stood forelection (Mark Clargo – Chairman : Erica Gassor – Secretary : Mary-Anne Gilmer – Treasurer : Alan DeVerteuil – Webmaster)  Ted German had been nominated for Ride-out Co-ordinator with assistance to lead monthly ride outs. With these amendments, the Committee was proposed for election by Chris Tristrum and seconded by Terry Gilmer. A schedule of anticipated monthly ride out dates for the whole of 2016 were issued with an appeal for leaders and tail enders.  Several volunteers came forward and the list was to be finalised.

Any other business – (a) it was decided not to have a Branch charity as such for the coming year (b) a trip to Swanage and the Isle of Wight to see Roger and Jill during 2016 was to be planned


Erica Gassor